T-ara “Yayaya” is good, and I ain’t even mad

2 03 2011

Ask your K-pop obsessed friend about the “Red Indian” music video and he/she will immediately know that you are referring to T-ara’s Yayaya. This shows that Yayaya is unique, and that is one of the many reasons why this song is great. T-ara themselves are pretty good if you ask me. They can sing and dance with enough emotion and energy that makes this music video fun to watch.

The best thing about Yayaya is that it does not try too hard to be cool or cute. The song learns to let loose and have fun, and I was surprised at how well these girls can go crazy. The segment where the girls come out of their tents individually and do random things to the dude is vile and hilarious. Speaking of the dude, I wonder why he kept such a straight face throughout the whole ordeal. Maybe he was so happy that he has lost all ability to speak or move.

Something that other K-pop dance videos should learn from Yayaya is that T-ara is wearing a different colour from the backup dancers, so I can tell who is in the band and who is not. I have scanned through a few other T-ara music videos, and Yayaya is by far the best one. The music videos of SNSD are a tough bar to reach, but T-ara’s Yayaya is one of my favourite K-pop dances of all time. And I ain’t even mad.




3 responses

8 03 2011

T-ara ftw!
lemme see ya lalalala

10 03 2011

This is their only good song -.-

27 03 2011

lol no..this is one of their worse songs lol

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