SNSD “Genie” Review – Has Your Wish Been Granted?

26 02 2011

I used to ridicule SNSD for having 9 members, but I have come to realise that it gives you more to look at. With time, I also discovered that each one of them is actually quite different. In Genie, the girls have traded in their cute and bubbly look for a more edgy and dangerous one. The girls are in military uniforms that makes them look fierce, and they are probably the only Korean girl group that can pull off a good fiery gusto.

This music video is staged more theatrically than a usual SNSD music video, complete with a huge stage and flashing lights. There are many lens flares that started off nice and steady, making the video feel majestic and interesting to watch. However, it got a little overboard later on, especially after “DJ, put it back on”, where the flares became more of a distraction rather than a cool special effect. But at least you can say that the big white flashes followed the beat of the song.

There are many moments in Genie where you get to interact with SNSD from the first person perspective. SeoHyun pops out of a giant cake, and SooYoung smashes a cake in your face. (Who on earth wished for that?) There’s even a quick shot of Yoona driving a car, which is kind of cute although she should really be keeping her eyes on the road. I did enjoy the first person sequence in Doom (the video game movie), so I guess this is alright.

One good point about Genie is that there were no boys in this video, so I guess my wish has already been granted. There weren’t even any backup dancers, which is good because SNSD doesn’t need any backup. The dance choreography is brilliant, and people who like to dance along to their favourite songs are going to have a hard time with this one. SNSD fans will love this music video, and even if you don’t like K-pop, SNSD can’t be that bad, right?




4 responses

26 02 2011
Leonard Loooooooo

WOOTS. lol i’d wish for Sooyoung to smash the cake into my face everyday. and to sit in the car with Yoona.

2 03 2011

Every day is two words.

1 03 2011

The car scene with Yoona is my favourite, or, she is that is. Genie is one of the most briliant Kpop Mvs(and the song) I know. An all time favourite for me. Nice to see people taking time to write about Kpop MVs. Snsd, or Yoona will be a topic on my blog before the week ends.
keep it up!

2 03 2011

Thanks! 🙂

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