SNSD – Gee – Music Video Review

9 02 2011

SNSD (aka Girls’ Generation) is the 9 member girl group that is currently the best outfit in Korean music culture. In the music video for Gee, they are a group of mannequins that by the power of some handsome fellow (Choi Minho of Shinee), comes to life. Ironically, I sometimes wonder if the SNSD girls are really mannequins.

Gee is one of the most well-edited music videos that I ‘ve come across, consisting of suitably quick cuts instead of unnecessary lingering shots. There is less winking and pointing at the camera, but more of genuine music video acting. Another plus point is that you don’t get those random shots of things that make little sense. In fact, some of the screenplay is actually quite clever, giving you the impression that you are secretly spying on the girls. (Which is also creepy at the same time.)

The look of Gee is energetic and flashy without overdoing it like most K-pop music videos do. There are lots of looking at clothes and trying stuff on, an area where I’m deeply lacking in experience or interest. I like how the story is weaved into the song smoothly and confidently, with the girls running out of the store in the end. Thankfully, the dude took it pretty well that his mannequins were missing.

All the visual staples of a usual SNSD music video are present, including shots from the floor and wide group shots. The dance moves are enjoyable, especially when they are rocking those high heels. Overall, the busy and colourful atmosphere of the clothing store mixed with the clean and quiet feel of the second location gives you a visually aesthetic experience. This review is starting to sound eerily hyperbolic, but Gee’s high level of energy makes it a winner.




3 responses

9 02 2011

Great review 🙂
I’ll go take a look at the video right now :<

9 02 2011

geee gee gee gee detailed review..i still dont like snsd though haha

19 02 2011

WHOA tian en!! You are damn pro now!! HAHA i like this review!! I like this video too! Full marks!! (: I like. But i don’t really like the other videos by SNSD. But try Bigbang MVs they are really something!! (:
Bigbang- lies
Bigbang- haru haru
Bigbang-Tell me goodbye

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