Despicable Me – Movie Review

31 01 2011

Despicable Me is the animated movie from Universal Pictures starring the funny Steve Carell as a super villain named Gru. Gru wants to be the best baddie of all time, so he plans to shrink the moon down and demand control of the entire world. Or something like that… super villain world domination plans never make any sense do they.

There are many likable characters in this film, most notably a trio of girls, one of which is voiced by kid favourite Miranda Cosgrove (aka Carly of iCarly). Gru’s assistant scientist is a character that looks like the villain of Sonic the Hedgehog. He is voiced by Russell Brand, known more for his mature comedy performances. Fortunately for the whole family, Despicable Me contains only a small pinch of adult humour. Most of the film is good clean fun, and I laughed out loud many times. In fact, some of the slapstick is very clever.

It is obvious that a lot of effort has been put into the animation, especially the multitude of minions that work for Gru. It is never explained where these yellow spongy henchmen come from or what they are made of, but they are so much more entertaining than the squirrel in Ice Age. Most of the jokes involving these minions are a little too violent for smaller kids, but I’m sure they are exposed to worse stuff elsewhere. The only gag I was really uncomfortable with was the one involving spikes, which I thought was too grotesque to be in this film.

Action sequences are all very well executed, most of them containing no sense of danger whatsoever, except for maybe the climax. Most of the injuries are played up just for laughs, but the film manages to become dramatic at the right moments. So if you have kids, or if you just want to enjoy a light hearted movie, Despicable Me is an unexpected delight.




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8 02 2011
Constant Ramblings

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6 04 2011

I am one of the few who didn’t enjoy this movie that much :S

7 04 2011

Hmm… why not?

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