Scott Pilgrim vs the World – Movie Review

2 01 2011

Scott Pilgrim vs the World comes from director Edgar Wright, known for films such as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. What we have here is a film adaptation of a series of manga-styled graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley. Other than being a graphic novel adaptation, this film is also a spoof of classic video games, and it’s a magnificent one.

I leave you to discover the plot on your own, which is simple yet very creative at the same time. The film starts off slow and quite dull, but if you manage to make it through the first half hour or so, you won’t regret that you stayed. Watch the trailers to get a taste of the crazy, CGI heavy, video-game-inspired fights that has more flair than all film adaptations of video games. Michael Cera (Superbad, Juno) brings the dorky humour that some enjoy more than others, and it’s entertaining if you just roll along with it.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is Ramona Flowers, the girl that Scott Pilgrim is trying to score with. Her character is mysterious and has an elaborate backstory that is the main thrust of the plot. A second love interest Knives Chau is played by Ellen Wong, and this girl is the one to watch. Knives Chau is so over-dramatic yet convincing, and is probably my favourite character here. There is a scene where she attempts to become Ramona Flowers and I sympathised with her even though she is too crazy to exist in real life.

There are many eccentric characters littered throughout the film, including appearances by Chris Evans (aka The Human Torch), Brandon Routh (aka Superman) and Thomas Jane (aka The Punisher). All the characters, both good and evil, are absolutely hilarious and fun to watch, including Scott Pilgrim’s roommate (Kieran Culkin), who provides some sharp gags. Also look out for the very talented Anna Kendrick as Scott Pilgrim’s sister, who remains memorable despite her shorter screen time.

This is an extremely fun and brilliantly executed film which delivers what it promises. Whether you have read the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels or not, I’m sure most video game and comic book fans will find this film a joy to sit through over and over again. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more awesome, it does. To top everything off, there is even a tiny but sweet moral touch towards the very end. Scott Pilgrim vs the World is an experience like no other and earns my highest recommendation.




8 responses

6 01 2011

I loved this movie! I’m not a graphic novel/manga person at all, but this movie made me want to read the Scott Pilgrim volumes. The awesomeness of the movie is only magnified once you read them.
Also, love Anna Kendrick despite her Twilight roles.

9 01 2011

You don’t like Anna Kendrick in Twilight? :/

9 01 2011

I love Anna Kendrick, I just can’t sit through Twilight, both book and movie. They felt…strained( (though the first was surprisingly close to the book).

11 01 2011

Aaah. I haven’t read or watched any Twilight at all, but plan to get on it soon.

12 01 2011

Loved Brandon Routh’s “vegan” power. It makes me laugh every time I think of it. This was a really fun movie and well worth your 4 Stars … need to go pick it up on Blu-Ray.

13 01 2011

Yea I was pleasantly surprised at how good Brandon Routh was in this movie… Definitely get it on Blu-ray if you have a Blu-ray player, the picture and sound quality is awesome!

10 11 2011

One of the funnest films i saw last year, As a kid of the 80s i loved all the retro video game nods.

11 11 2011

One of the funnest films I’ve seen in my life. I loved all the classic video game references too!

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