Knight and Day – Movie Review

1 01 2011

Knight and Day is a romantic action movie starring the crazy Tom Cruise and the a-little-bit-crazy Cameron Diaz. The “Knight” in the title refers to an object in the film that the plot revolves around. The “Day”, I’m not very sure what it’s referring to. In any case, Knight and Day is pretty enjoyable on the whole.

This film has more car chases than anything. There’s obvious use of green screen in some shots, but the action sequences are fun and exciting enough to hold your attention. We also have the usual gun fights where the hero “skillfully” shoots down all the bad guys and escapes with only a scratch.

At least there is some justification to why Tom Cruise’s character is such a sharpshooter, since he is a trained spy. Tom Cruise gets into a humourous fight on a plane early in the film, which is actually quite creative as much as it is funny. You also get to admire his pecs when he goes shirtless more than once.

Cameron Diaz is the lady who is dragged unintentionally into this spy business. She had just broken up with her boyfriend but he wants her back, which I thought was a good way of injecting some emotion into the story. Sadly, she doesn’t want to get back with him, but instead falls in love with the mysterious Tom Cruise. The chemistry between her and Cruise was not terrible, although some of their conversations were too cheesy for comfort.

With two likable leads and a decent enough plot, I find it hard to believe why anyone would hate this film. Knight and Day gets overly serious at times, but it is still a fun popcorn romp.




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