Jonah Hex – Movie Review

31 12 2010

Josh Brolin plays the title cowboy/superhero in Jonah Hex. At a merciful 81 minutes, this film is basically a revenge story a la other comic book flicks such as Daredevil or The Punisher. But rather than hunting down bad guys in the city, Jonah Hex performs his superhero duties in the wild west. The western setting is interesting to watch, but the thrill runs dry very fast.

Josh Brolin’s acting is decent, but that’s about as good as it gets. Ex-Transformers-girl Megan Fox appears as his love interest, and she just stands around doing nothing for most of her screen time. She finally gets to shoot some people in an action-driven climax, but it’s badly staged like the rest of the action scenes.

Those that enjoy big explosions have lots to cheer about here. A train explodes, a ship explodes, an entire town explodes, among other miscellaneous explosions that happen for no reason. There are lots of fist fights and gun battles, but most of them are very messy and confusing.

Very little in this film is explained properly, or explained at all. The villain is going to use a special cannonball machine to destroy America. We see the way this machine works, and it’s the most ridiculous plan I’ve seen in my life. I think even if Jonah Hex weren’t there to stop him, his plan would have failed anyway.

Speaking of Hex, he has a magical power given to him by Native Indians that allows him to bring dead people back to life just by touching them. This power makes the detective work much easier for Hex, as he raises his friends from the grave and show the world the importance of friendship. Oh, Hex also dodges bullets and talks to dogs.

If you were expecting to see the next The Dark Knight, you will be disappointed. But if you thought Ghost Rider was fine, then Jonah Hex is slightly better. The film starts off as a cute western spin on the superhero genre, but later on incorporates weird sci-fi and horror elements that go nowhere. Although it’s not as bad as I thought it would be, Jonah Hex is still a failure.




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