Inception – Movie Review

16 12 2010

Inception is from director Christopher Nolan, who has already become Hollywood’s new baby after successfully making Batman cool again in 2008’s The Dark Knight. Here, Nolan is telling us that it’s possible for a stranger to enter your dreams and plant foreign thoughts into your mind. Such a stunt is called Inception, the rules of which is explained for a good hour.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a man with family problems that are revealed slowly throughout the film. To see his kids again, he must complete the most dangerous Inception ever performed. Through some contrived events, he assembles a team of dream warriors and trains a new member played by Ellen Page. The Ellen Page character feels very phoned-in and was the most jarring problem I had with this film. The good thing is, I was not so interested in the characters themselves but more of whether the inception was going to succeed or not.

There is an action sequence where you see a bunch of people fighting while getting sucked onto walls and the ceiling. It’s brilliantly shot like the rest of the film and the amazing score by Hans Zimmer makes everything more exciting. The music is fittingly dramatic yet mysterious, and gives you the sense of falling but never hitting the ground, which is one of the plot points in this film.

The first hour drags on as Leo is explaining the rules of an inception, but the film became more compelling as Leo’s relationship with his wife starts to unravel. Leo experiences what it’s like to be Batman as he juggles completing the mission with attaining emotional satisfaction. The question of what’s real and what’s not is one of the many mysteries here, all spun together to create an extremely thrilling climax.

The story is fairly simple, but Inception is a gem amidst a season of meaningless reboots and remakes. There were times when I felt like I was watching The Matrix or Avatar, but Christopher Nolan has a uniquely dramatic style that makes his films slick and polished. Even if you stripped away the dream-within-a-dream-within-his-dream-within-her-dream, we still have an excellent heist movie complete with exciting car chases and shootouts. This is not Nolan’s best work, but Inception certainly lives up to it’s hype.




3 responses

17 02 2011

Very nice article, but I can’t see from what you’ve written about Inception why you gave it only 1/2 stars.

Oh, and thank you for the comment on my blog btw 🙂

17 02 2011

Oh, never mind! I just got it, lol I didn’t notice the ***

18 02 2011

You are not the first to tell me that -.-

Fortunately, I’m in the midst of changing all my ratings to something clearer…

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