X-Men vs Vampires… and more X-Men Comics!

27 11 2010

The X-Men battle deadly vampires in the all-new “Curse of the Mutants” storyline! Below is the introduction issue and issues #1 to #5. Issues #3 and #4 are the variant covers by Medina, and they look pretty good! The whole vampire craze may put off some people because it’s everywhere in pop culture, but I was glad to see the personalities of my favourite X-Men still intact here. Well, most of the X-Men…

Here are the first two issues of Uncanny X-Force, written by Rick Remender and with Esad Ribic providing these two AMAZING covers! This new X-Force team was put together by Wolverine, and consists of Archangel (dude with wings), Deadpool (irritating, but still funny), Fantomex (dude with guns), and Psylocke (only female here). Up till today, I’m still not clear what Psylocke’s powers are… :/

Below is Dark X-Men #1 and Uncanny X-Men First Class #1. The Dark X-Men is the “pirated” version of the X-Men that Norman Osborn created back during his “Dark Reign”. Uncanny X-Men First Class is a humorous yet emotional story about the first Uncanny X-Men team, and this first issue has a thought-provoking Nightcrawler-centric plot which includes the Inhumans in an interesting manner.




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