Predators – Movie Review

22 11 2010

Adrien Brody finds himself dropped onto an unknown jungle where he meets a group of strangers that don’t trust one another. Together, they plan an escape but will first have to defeat the Predators, a species of high-tech monsters that are hunting them as a sport. And if you are wondering, no, the Alien doesn’t appear here.

You might feel as if you were watching LOST, but don’t expect any giant mystery other than “who is hunting us”, a question which the audience already knows the answer to. Slowly, Predators becomes more of the violent monster movie it’s supposed to be, and it’s pretty good. The jungle that most of the movie takes place in reminded me of Avatar‘s Pandora, but here it’s not CGI, it’s a real jungle.

The law of monster movies states that a lot of people must die. Here, some go out in more brutal ways than others, and I appreciated that all the kills are different. There is a fight scene between one of the humans and a Predator where they engaged each other using a sword and blade respectively. You might be wondering why that Predator didn’t just use a gun, but I assume that the Predators have a hunting code-of-conduct.

The Predators travel around the jungle with invisibility switched on, but will reveal themselves before making a kill. This and other protocols give the creatures some kind of “heart”, which is important because after all, the Predators are what you came for. Some of the Predators’ movements in the AVP films felt kind of stiff to me, but here they were alright.

I was satisfied with all the action scenes, some of them even topped my expectations. There is the usual chase scene where you cannot see what’s chasing you, complete with tons of moving around slowly and hoping nothing jumps out. I was glad that this film didn’t overuse the jump scares, which is starting to become a lame scare technique used only in B-grade horror films.

Predators really pulled itself together in the third act when a twist is revealed, and the humans are forced to make decisions that will decide their fate. A question of who really is the Predator, the creatures or the humans, is thrown out and that’s probably the only intellectual thing you will get. Nevertheless, Predators gets brutal and even emotional when it needs to, making it an impressive monster movie.




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