X-Men Origins Wolverine – Movie Review

4 11 2010

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the solo outing of Marvel Comic’s poster boy Wolverine. In this origin tale, we get to see the start of a deep rivalry between Wolverine and his brother Sabretooth. We have already seen Sabretooth from the first X-Men film, but there he was a growling caveman. Here, he walks around in a stylish coat and dishes out scary one liners, although he still goes into animal mode when needed.

The muscular and likable Hugh Jackman returns as Logan / Wolverine. I liked how the film portrays Logan as a caring and hardworking husband, although some of the lovey dovey business between him and his wife dragged on for way too long. I also enjoyed the character driven plot where Wolverine is allowed to make his own decisions and choose his own path. However, I did not like a certain action scene that has Wolverine on a motorcycle. The CGI in that car chase was not convincing, and furthermore, that whole sequence didn’t fit in a movie about mutants with super powers.

In what is essentially a revenge story, Wolverine meets other mutants that comic book fans will be familiar with. The one I was looking forward to seeing the most is Gambit, but sadly, his appearance didn’t turn out to be as exciting as I had wished. Gambit engages Wolverine in battle using his staff (or stick, or whatever you want to call it). I was expecting more card throwing stunts like I remember from the cartoons, where Gambit would fling cards towards his opponents and the cards will explode upon collision. Here, he used his cards only once and that’s it. It is cool to see Gambit finally being in an X-Men movie, but the film makers could have made better use of this cool character.

And then there’s Wade Wilson / Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds. Wade Wilson was a normal human at the start of the film, equipped with two long swords and a motor mouth. Later on, he gains super powers and becomes Deadpool, a mutant more powerful than Wolverine himself. The film didn’t really do a good job in introducing his character, so in the end he was just an evil version of Wolverine with a very ugly costume. Also, I found it weird that Wade Wilson had so many funny lines, but Deadpool had his mouth SEALED UP. Bad creative decision if you ask me.

Even though this film is not as good as X-Men 1 or 2, it is certainly less offensive than X-Men 3. The journey of Wolverine is interesting and eventful, and the many supporting characters (love them or hate them) adds more flavour to the story. You can sense Hugh Jackman’s serious commitment to this character, but I hope Wolverine’s next big screen appearance packs more punch.




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