The Wolfman – Movie Review

27 10 2010

2010’s remake of the monster classic The Wolfman stars Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving. Quite the ensemble if you ask me, although I am not a huge fan of any of them. Benicio Del Toro plays the lead role of Lawrence, a man who is investigating the murder of his brother. He gets bitten by a werewolf, and thus becomes the Wolfman. He also uncovers dark secrets about his family, especially those hidden by his father (Anthony Hopkins).

I did not enjoy this film as much as I hoped I would. I can remember two scenes that were pretty awesome, both involving a werewolf rampaging through a crowded area and tearing everyone apart. But other than that, the film was boring and draggy. In fact, you get a good glimpse of the Wolfman only after what seemed like forever. The make-up used to create the Wolfman did not look good and I wonder if a fully CGI Werewolf would have been better.

Emily Blunt plays Lawrence’s love interest, and her character has an important role that will eventually wrap up the entire movie. She doesn’t do anything of significance until the climax, and her method of saving the day was cheesy and unexciting. I wished the film had dwelled more into the romantic side of the story rather than trying to scare me with loud “Boom!”s. Hugo Weaving is an inspector who is somewhat more interesting than the rest. He attempts to hunt down the Wolfman and the outcome had me rolling my eyes.

Overall, The Wolfman is extremely gory and certainly not for those who are offended by flying body parts. It has a tiny bit of good werewolf action but the story is dull and predictable. There was good effort to create a unique environment for the film, but even that got tiring after a while. I suggest watching The Wolfman only if you are a serious completist of any of the actors/actresses involved.




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