Alien vs Predator – Movie Review

7 10 2010

Alien vs. Predator, or AVP for short, is a sci-fi crossover film directed by Paul W.S. Anderson (Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil). It features the acid-blooded Aliens on one side, and the high-tech Predators on the other end. Caught in the crossfire is a group of archaeologists who had nothing better to do.

AVP starts off by introducing all the human characters and the mission at hand. Their leader is a caring woman, she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt, she wants people to follow her rules, blah blah blah. Do we really need to go through all that? It’s good to set up the story and introduce the characters properly, but here it was too forced and too long. When the film was over, I did not remember the introduction scenes anyway.

There is a backstory to the rivalry between the Aliens and Predators, but the main plot of the film itself is fairly simplistic. The humans go into an unexplored pyramid, and they meet the Aliens and Predators who will in turn try to eat them up. So in AVP, the whole time you are waiting for the monsters to pop up so that the real action can start, which is a really long wait. The shot where the Alien and Predator meet for the first time in the film is really cool and I wish the film had kept that sense of wonder for the rest of the film.

AVP is not as suspenseful or scary as the first Alien movie, if that was what you were expecting. The Aliens and Predators are people in rubber suits hitting each other, which looks cartoony most of the time. The colour of the terrain is similar to that of both their bodies, so it was really hard to see what is going on. I don’t think it’s a spoiler when I say that a lot of people are going to die. This film is not as gory as previous installments, which I assume is to appeal to a wider audience. However, the film forgets that it needs to satisfy the long-time fans as well.

Despite all the jarring problems, I enjoyed Alien vs. Predator and thought that it was fairly well made on the whole. The movie has a gimmicky premise and may not contain any real meaning for people who are new to the franchise. But for movie buffs, two of sci-fi’s biggest monsters appearing together in the same frame is enough reason to give this a shot.




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17 02 2011

I liked AvP a lot, I really liked the idea of having Aliens fighting Predators. They made the story of how this make to be believable. And it was so much better than AvP2 which just annoyed me.

But the problem I have with AvP is how the Aliens look, as in how they are built: They run on all fours (if I remember correctly.) When the facehuggers impant the “alien babies” in living creatures, the aliens get some of the characteristics of their hosts. So aliens who are “born” from humas, walk on two feet as we do, not on four legs as they do in AvP. They might walk on four legs if they were “born” from animals, such as the alien in Alien 3 who burst out of a cow, but the aliens in AvP came very clearly from humans. It’s a small thing, but it annyos me a lot, lol 😛

18 02 2011

Wow… you have really good observation skills. Maybe they can’t walk on two legs because their head is too heavy, but I don’t know :/

18 02 2011

Haha, thanks ^^ The queen can walk on two feet and her head must be heavier than the “little” ones 😛 I read about it on some Alien-wiki site, it was never explained why they walk on all fours in AvP, and it makes no sense. *rant rant*

24 04 2011
Erebus Horror

A good review of AvP. I’ve got to admit I did enjoy it although it just didn’t feel right. For a start the two franchises were set in different time periods so the whole idea of the predators and aliens ‘fighting for thousands of years’ just didn’t make sense. Another issue I had was the predators are portrayed as ruthless emotionless killers in predator 1 & 2, so why is it that they show remorse towards the humans? Surely they would just kill anything in their path like previous movies? And one more thing – who taught the predators martial arts? I remember one scene as clear as day where a predator faces off against an alien and he adopts a martial arts stance! Call me synical but I don’t recall them rivalling Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee in any of the originals.

Enjoying your reviews though. I’ll check back often.

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25 04 2011

I actually liked that the Predator had emotions and tried to make friends with the humans, it makes them more interesting as characters. And they must have watched some Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies when they came to Earth, that’s the only explanation to why they know kung fu now.

2 05 2011

“But for movie buffs, two of sci-fi’s biggest monsters appearing together in the same frame is enough reason to give this a shot.”

AGREED!!!! I thought watching the Aliens and the Predators fight? Gosh golly… fantastic!!!

2 05 2011

I will watch anything with the Alien or the Predator in it… no matter how bad the movie is… 🙂

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