Blade Runner The Director’s Cut – Movie Review

4 10 2010

From director Ridley Scott, Blade Runner received polarizing reactions when it was first released. I have not seen this movie before and felt that my ignorance was an insult to Ridley Scott and the sci-fi genre. So I picked up the “Director’s Cut” on DVD, which I understand has lots of changes from the original theatrical cut. In any case, I liked what I saw.

Blade Runner takes place in the future where humans are able to create “Replicas”, organic robots that look and behave exactly like humans. Harrison Ford is a “Blade Runner”, and his job is to kill the Replicas that are getting too dangerous. In this film, he hunts down a few Replicas and even falls in love with a woman who may or may not be a replica.

This film is certainly visually interesting, with weird-looking people walking along the streets, flying cars whirling around tall buildings, and strange people hanging out at their favourite bar. The world that is created is unique although it has an obvious Star Wars vibe to it. However, Blade Runner is much darker and I liked the strong noir influence.

Harrison Ford has to accomplish his mission, but he is the reluctant hero who has no purpose in life. He meets with the woman later on, and their relationship is interesting to watch. At first I was thinking that this is just a generic love story thrown in for the sake of having some romance in the film, but the two of them has some profound conversations that questions the idea of Replicas and life in general.

People accustomed to a faster paced movie will probably find Blade Runner extremely boring and unwatchable, but Ridley Scott’s style is good for those who like to immerse themselves in the film’s atmosphere. I love Ridley Scott’s other film Alien, so he definitely knows how to make a good boring movie. Blade Runner may not captivate everyone to the same extent, but you are making no mistake by watching it.




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