Shutter Island – Movie Review

2 10 2010

Shutter island is a mystery thriller that stars Leonardo Dicaprio as an US marshal. He and his partner (Mark Raffalo) travels to an asylum located on an isolated island. They are there to investigate the escape of a certain prisoner, but later on it is revealed that Leo’s real intention is taking revenge on one of the inmates.

Director Martin Scorsese creates an extremely intense and suspenseful film that is filled to the brim with mystery. Leo interviews the inmates and they are definitely crazy enough to be worthy of residence here. The audience follows Leo’s thoughts as he recalls past events that seems to be triggered by various scents and sights on the island. Through these flashback sequences, we are introduced to Leo’s deceased wife, who also appears to him in dreams and guides him in his investigation. This husband and wife relationship is crucial to the main plot, but sometimes becomes too unrealistic.

Ben Kingsley appears as one of the most mysterious people in this film. He starts out as a seemingly honest man, but later on you start to suspect that he is hiding secrets. He not only plays with Leo’s mind, but also the audiences’ since we are watching everything happen from Leo’s perspective. As the film progresses, we get to see more characters, both insane and sane, each adding more mystery to the plot. A particular inmate of importance is played by Jackie Earle Haley. He speaks with Leo in one scene, and that is one of the most creepy interactions I’ve seen in a long time.

I did not like some of the plot devices, which I found to be too unrealistic. However, I must give the film credit for constantly making you think and rethink your own ‘solution’ to the mystery. Good news is, the conclusion of the film conveniently answers all the questions that was raised throughout the film. Bad news is, whether those answers are true or false will forever stay a mystery… on Shutter Island.




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