Death Race – Movie Review

1 10 2010

2008’s Death Race is a racing film with something extra. Other than crossing the finishing line first, the racers must also stay alive while trying to kill each other. Their cars are equipped with deadly spikes, guns and other gadgets meant for ending your opponent’s life, or at least ruining their paint job. The Death Race is broadcast to online viewers, and yes, you have to pay to watch the programme.

Why would anyone want to participate in the Death Race, you might ask. In this film, we see the reason why Jason Statham’s character agreed to participate, and it’s along the lines of revenge. He races under the name of “Frankenstein”, assigned to him by Joan Allen’s character, who is the mastermind behind it all. Jason Statham is told that he only needs to win one more time, and he will be let free from this prison. He later meets Natalie Martinez’s character, who reveals some secrets that will change the way he plays his game.

You should know that this is a very gory film, which means people are going to die in very bloody situations. The good thing about the racing scenes is that you know which car you are supposed to be paying attention to. Jason Statham is driving the one with two red stripes, and the other cars look different enough to be told apart. There is a big train thing that shoots fire, which is pretty cool to see. Most importantly, Jason Statham has the tough attitude required to make this film an exciting ride.

The premise of Death Race is simplistic but the way it’s presented is edgy and the main characters are more well-developed than you would expect for this kind of nonsense. Death Race is definitely a recommendation from me, especially for people who are starting to get tired of the The Fast & the Furious films.




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