Public Enemies – Movie Review

24 09 2010

Public Enemies is a gangster/crime film written and directed by Michael Mann. It is set during the great depression when crime rates were rising and people support the gangsters as a form of rebellion against the authorities. “Based on a true story”, Michael Mann’s stylistic tone fits the story very well.

If you wish to see Johnny Depp not being Jack Sparrow or some other drunk dude, check this film out. Here, he is a wanted man who escapes prison and robs banks with style. Johnny Depp falls in love with a woman played by Marion Cotillard, and the way he woos her is clever and humourous.

The “love at first sight” concept may be hard to believe, but Johnny Depp is a bank robber after all, and he has the skill to get anything he wants. The girl seems to like him too, and she is okay with his wanted man status. Later on, we see the girl make some sacrifices to protect her lover, which is just one of the many dramatic moments in the film.

Christian Bale plays a guy that is trying to catch Johnny Depp, but his character is nothing out of the ordinary. If you are not a Christian Bale fan, you might not even remember his character that much. Nevertheless, Christian Bale gives a polished and convincing performance which adds more substance to the film.

Nowadays, not many gangster films get the attention they deserve because youngsters prefer the CGI-heavy movies. But if you want to see good filmmaking techniques and good acting performances, check out Public Enemies.




2 responses

30 09 2010
cmc in black

I like seeing Johnny Depp acting, and that’s it for this movie in my opinion

6 11 2010
Johnny Deep

This is definitely one of the best Johnny Depp movies I’ve seen. The storyline is good and the action is kept realistic. It’s not your hero-kills-all kinda movie. Bale has done a good job as well though sometimes you wont be surprised to feel that you’re listening to Bruce Wayne (Batman Begins, Dark Knight).

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