G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra – Movie Review

24 09 2010

After 2007’s Transformers became such a gigantic box office success, toy company Hasbro said hey, people liked Transformers as a movie… they must like a G.I. Joe movie too! So in 2009, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was released, a movie that is jam-packed with lots of cute characters and cartoony action sequences.

There is a good effort to introduce the many characters, some having more meaning than others. It’s basically a group of good guys called “G.I. Joe” fighting against a group of bad guys that at the end of the film will eventually become “Cobra”, hence the title “The Rise of Cobra”.

There’s an adrenaline pumping car chase that takes place in Paris which makes for a really good scene to loop on your TV. Most of the action sequences in the film are decent although they contain people shouting cheesy one liners. The CGI is noticeably bad at times, particularly some of the vehicles and all the big landscapes.

Children will probably like Snake-Eyes the most, played by Ray Park. Through a series of flashbacks, we see his past and find out why he doesn’t talk at all now. He has a childhood rivalry with Storm Shadow (Byung-Hun Lee), and it escalates to a dramatic fight between them which features some cool martial arts stunts.

Duke is played by Channing Tatum and he tries his best to look as manly as possible, but maybe he should work on his acting first. There is a scene where a shocking plot twist is revealed, but I felt like laughing whenever the camera cuts to his face. The inclusion of Dennis Quaid as General Hawk and a small cameo by Brendan Fraser scores addition points for this film despite them being cheesy as ever.

Overall, this movie is a little too violent for children, but yet it’s too cartoony for adults. Long time Joe fans will enjoy seeing their favourite characters come to life in a good effort from director Stephen Sommers, although they may never see the actual “Cobra” team until the sequel gets out.

The storyline was not strong enough for me to care about anything that was happening, and even with all their technology, some of the things they do here are still unbelievable. However, I did enjoy the good-natured fun, and this will do until the next action flick comes along.




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