Kingdom of Heaven – Movie Review

19 09 2010

Kingdom of Heaven follows the journey of Balian, a blacksmith who will later lead an army to defend the land of Jerusalem. Played by Orlando Bloom, this character is definitely the likable hero that has decent morals and can cut throats in a very violent fashion (although he spares some in the film). Not much script and story to shine in Lord of the Rings as Legolas, now he is able to fully show off his acting chops, and they are not bad.

This film was directed by Ridley Scott, who also helmed Gladiator. I found that Gladiator had the more likable main hero, but Kingdom of Heaven has the advantage of having massive battles with castles and catapults hurling huge explosives. As epic as the film is, there isn’t really any battle strategy going on except for a certain part when Balian invents a targeting system. Nevertheless, the battle scenes are exciting, although the conclusion of the final battle was a tad anti-climatic, which I assume is for the sake of sticking to actual history.

There is a subplot involving a diseased man played by Edward Norton, who is my favourite character in the film. Director Ridley Scott has high ambitions towards establishing the relationships between the many characters, and sometimes I got a little mixed up with all the names of people and places. However, the main crux of the story was clear and the film manages to wrap everything up at the end on a good note.




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