Ratatouille – Movie Review

17 09 2010

From the outside, Ratatouille looks like one of those “animal” movies that Disney likes to make. Turns out this movie is only distributed by Disney, it is actually made by Pixar Animation Studios (the geniuses behind other gems like Monsters Inc and Toy Story). Unlike other rats, we find out that this rat likes to cook and eat normal food. As the film progresses, the rat meets a ‘garbage boy’ who works at a famous restaurant and they become best friends. As with all Pixar films, the character introductions are magically comprehensive and you get emotionally invested in them immediately.

I love a particular montage in the film where the rat is trying to teach the boy how to cook. Together, they come up with a clever way for the boy to cook under the rat’s instruction while keeping the rat unseen from other people. It reminded me of Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man figuring out how to control his suit of armour. I did get a chuckle out of Iron Man, but Ratatouille had me in stitches. I’m sure everyone can identify with the process of learning something new, and sometimes hurting yourself while trying to get it right.

Pixar movies do not treat themselves as just children movies, but family movies. When something funny happens, both young and old will laugh together. There is a certain scene that I thought was a little too scary to be in an animated movie, but it shows that the filmmakers are not afraid to push boundaries in order to present the message clearly. These adventurous ways of storytelling also makes the Pixar films more memorable for everyone.

The action scenes in this movie are well-directed and exciting. Although they are animated, you feel the danger that the characters are in. There is a scene early in the movie which involves an elderly woman wielding a shotgun. Although it slightly wanders into slapstick territory, it is still very creative. The climax of the film is not even an action scene, but it was so intense and emotional that you wished every movie ended on that level.




2 responses

29 10 2010
Rui Xian

I love Ratatouille too! I just love the collaboration between the human and rat to cook something sumptuous!

1 01 2011

This is SUCH a good movie. Definitely one of Disney/Pixar’s underrated ones!

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