Transformers 1 & 2 – Blu-Ray

16 09 2010

The video quality on the Blu-Ray is a huge upgrade from the DVD. The cars and robots look more sharp and the bright colours (like Bumblebee‘s yellow) jump out at you. With more detail on screen, you start to notice things you have never noticed before. I have watched the Optimus Prime vs Megatron fight in the city 80,000 times, but not until now did I notice that after Optimus Prime transforms, his mouth-piece snaps shut as he shouts “Megatron!”

The audio quality is also top notch. You can enjoy the sound of metal clanking against each other together with all the guns, cars, and of course… Michael Bay’s explosions!  If you love film scores, the music by Steve Jablonsky is booming and you can catch some songs from the soundtrack in the credits.

Pictures taken with my 5 megapixel handphone camera. Click for bigger images!

Shia Lebouf: “I’m not talking to you again.”

Optimus Prime: “Fine. I’ll talk to myself.”

Bumblebee: “I thought my voice got repaired at the end of Part 1. Why can’t I talk in Part 2?”

Shia Lebouf: “You know this is the last time you will be in a Transformers movie, right?”

Megan Fox: “Wait… What?”




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