Terminator Salvation – Movie Review

14 09 2010

Christian Bale may be Batman, but he is also John Connor, a man who is destined to lead the human army into battle against the robots who are taking over Earth. He meets Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), who is a human-turned-robot. Worthington’s acting is respectable in this film, and he would later go on to good places (like a little blue movie called Avatar). Bale, on the other hand, with his irritating Batman voice is surprisingly bland.

Other cast members include Anton Yelchin who plays John Connor’s father, which I thought was a pleasant performance. Bryce Dallas Howard plays John Connor’s wife, who mostly does nothing. Moon Bloodgood is Marcus Wright’s love interest, who does a little bit more.

Salvation is the fourth installment in the Terminator film franchise, and this movie makes all sorts of useless references and winks to the earlier films. You get everything from the famous “I’ll be back” to the Guns N’ Roses song. There is even a phoned-in appearance by a certain someone, and it’s not even the real deal. If you are not a Terminator fan or don’t remember the previous films, you will most likely be lost. But even if you are a fan, all the throwbacks are way too much.

There is an action scene involving a giant robot and two motorcycles that is relatively well-directed by McG (Charlie’s Angels). Sadly, the rest of the movie is extremely dull and broody. If you are looking for some exhilarating robot mayhem, you are better off with (*ahem*) Transformers, or even I, Robot.

Terminator Salvation could have redeemed itself a little if the final fight was more creative. Worthington gives you a mildly interesting character to follow, but other than that, this kind of stuff is done better in other movies. (Or even better, go back to Terminator 1 & 2).




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30 09 2010
cmc in black

the moral in this movie is undeniable

6 03 2011
Dr. Kronner

Ok, TRANSFORMERS is terrible, and in no way better than SALVATION.

True, SALVATION did turn to the old movies a lot, but I thought it did so pretty well. This movie found a way to make the T-800 scary again, like in the original.

T2 and T3 escalated so much with the T-1000 and the TX that it made revitalizing the T-800 harder, which makes what they did even more impressive.

Also the mere fact that it had to follow the abortion that was T3 put it in a hole right off.

Based on the date of this review I’ll assume you saw it on DVD. Meaning you either re-watched it, or didn’t take a trip to the theater for it. In either case, you make [not know/have forgotten] the crowd reaction to Arnold’s appearance. This is still a theater based medium, and the crowd loved it. It brought things full circle, and only made sense, given the first 3 movies, that the T-800 should look like that.

Overall, it’s obviously no T2, but it’s far superior to T3, and 1/4 stars seems awful harsh…

7 03 2011

You guessed right, I watched Salvation on DVD, so I did not experience the theater’s reaction to Arnold. In the end, is a cameo (and not even a real one) going to carry the whole movie? Not for me. I can imagine the audience just sitting restless because the entire film is so draggy and moody. Salvation had a few robot fights, but they were nowhere as good as Transformers in my opinion.

7 03 2011
Dr. Kronner

Wow, I couldn’t disagree more. No, Arnold’s cameo (for which he did come in to do face scans for) did not carry the movie, what carries the movie is us finally seeing the war against Skynet. I saw it twice in the theater and the crowd seemed to enjoy in both times. It’s not great, but it, for me, it more enjoyable than the drivel in TRANSFORMERS, especially the 2nd one with the twins. Turrible.

8 03 2011

Transformers is better because there’s more robot action and a more dramatic story. Having said that, I do hope more Terminator movies are being made because it’s a unique concept.

Btw, do you know that a T-1ooo appears in the 2nd Transformers movie? o.O

8 03 2011
Dr. Kronner

I will give you that TRANSFORMERS is far superior to TRANSFORMERS 2 (which, yes I did notice that TF2 straight up stole the TX from TERMINATOR 3). I just thought that TRANSFORMERS was a bit of a disappointment. Given the budget and the Box Office I expected more…quality? Robots peeing on people just seemed…weak. But like the Arnold cameo, it was a crowd pleaser.

8 03 2011

I don’t know what you are talking about man, Transformers 1 & 2 were full of both quality and quantity.

And I wasn’t referring to the TX in Transformers 2 (but you have a good point there). There’s a random Decepticon robot that appears for a few seconds and then gets shot in the head and dies. When the camera pans past him, you can see “T-1000” written on his arm. Just something the director threw in for the fun of it.

And for the record, I didn’t like the peeing robot either.

8 03 2011
Dr. Kronner

Fair enough, though I think Bay was a little heavier on the QUANTITY than the QUALITY…

10 03 2011

Yea… Michael Bay tends to blow up too much stuff sometimes… not that I’m complaining :p

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