The Book of Eli – Movie Review

13 09 2010

The Book of Eli takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and stars Denzel Washington as a man who possesses the last copy of the Bible. As he passes by a particular town, the mayor (Gary Oldman) finds out about the book and plans to take it for himself because he believes the book contains the secret to power.

If you have not seen this movie, I suggest you avoid the plot summary on Wikipedia because there is a gigantic plot twist at the end. The reveal is so huge that Roger Ebert used the acronym “WTF” in his review. When any film makes such a big move like that, you tend to recall the earlier portion of the film and think about whether the twist makes sense. In The Book of Eli, maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. In any case, I thought that the film was already so good without the twist anyway.

There are at least two action scenes early in the film where Eli fights more than a few men at once. He uses a sword and a gun, and he really knows how to use them. Not for the faint hearted, he slices and dices like his life depended on it (which it did). The entire film has a very stylized look and portions of the screenplay is intentionally slow-paced. If you stay with it all the way, it pays off extremely well.

Eli meets Solara (Mila Kunis), who is one of the mayor’s servants. I cannot remember her motivation, but she agrees to help Eli deliver the book to its destination. Though her character is actually quite redundant, you can’t go wrong by recruiting a sidekick. The two of them share some heart warming scenes and at the end of the film, she transforms into the female version of Eli, ready to slaughter some more bad guys. (Sequel?)

The occasional violence will not go down well with some audiences, or maybe the plot twist requires you to forfeit all reality. But The Book of Eli has an awesome title character, formidable cinematography, and a thought-provoking theme of religion.

FYI: If you were wondering who Roger Ebert is, check out his movie review of The Book of Eli here.

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30 09 2010
cmc in black

another one watched by me during my IAP, and i guess the sunglasses are from rayban

30 09 2010

IAP also can watch ah?

And what’s Rayban?

1 10 2010
cmc in black

sunglasses brand

1 10 2010

The sunglasses are actually from Oakley. When it comes to fashion, I know it all.

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