The Losers – Movie Review

9 09 2010

The Losers is based on a comic book series which I have never heard of. Thankfully, no knowledge of the comic book is required to enjoy this movie, although the comic versions of the characters are shown as a wink to those who have read the book. Most of this movie is swiftly paced and filled with guns, cars and explosions. At some points I even felt like I was playing a video game.

The premise of The Losers is fairly simple. This group of men can complete any mission assigned to them, and in the most effective way possible. But on a particular task, things go wrong and they now have to hunt down the villain character who have betrayed them. This is the kind of villain that the movie wants you to hate. He is sadistic, insane, ridiculous, and the last person you would ever want to meet. 

The Losers is directed by Sylvain White, and the only movie of his that you may know is Stomp the Yard. Despite his thin resume, this movie has quite a high-profile “fanboy cast”. Idris Elba (TV’s The Office) plays Roque, a guy who only cares about the money. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Comedian of Watchmen) plays Clay, the leader of the group. There is not much back story of his character, but many can identify with his troubles of being the leader of a team.

Zoe Saldana (Neytiri of Avatar) plays a mysterious character whose motives are only revealed later on. Her acting performance is impressive, and she is no slouch in the butt-kicking department either. Chris Evans (The Human Torch of Fantastic Four) plays a tech geek who provides a good amount of comedy in this movie. There is a scene where he sings Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing and I couldn’t control my laughter.

The action scenes get more intense as the movie moves along and the final fight wraps up the movie nicely. It’s a pity this movie did not make much money at the box office, because I would love to see sequels involving this team of characters. They are not as colourful as the X-Men or G.I. Joe, but the sarcastic tone of The Losers is uncommon and keeps you interested up till the credits roll.




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