Percy Jackson & the Olympians The Lightning Thief – Movie Review

8 09 2010

Perhaps some people are thinking: Percy Jackson is just a lousier version of Harry Potter. Both are based on novels targeted at a young crowd, both have the same boy-boy-girl team, both feature fictional schools, and the similarities do not stop. Interestingly, the director of Percy Jackson, Chris Columbus, was also the director of the first two Harry Potter films. I actually found Percy Jackson to be more compelling than Harry Potter.

The journey that Percy (Logan Lerman) embarks on is epic. He discovers he is the son of a god, and thus possess godly powers. He enrolls in Camp Half Blood (their version of Hogwarts), and that’s where he meets Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario), the girl of his dreams. The plot thickens when Percy is framed for a heavenly crime, and now Percy and his friends have to literally go through hell to clear his name.

Along the way, Percy meets many characters based on Greek mythology. Pierce Brosnan and Uma Thurman inject some credibility into this film with their cheesy yet impressive performances. If you don’t know what roles they play, you might want to skip the plot summary on Wikipedia and just be surprised like I was. The quest is littered with objects to find and  monsters to defeat. Percy and his friends not only use their special powers to overcome each obstacle, but also their wits and detective skills.

The only glaring problem I had with this film was that there were too many pop culture references. There’s a scene which takes place in a casino, and that whole segment dragged on for way too long. Nevertheless, Percy Jackson is a family-friendly action flick with likable characters, and gets a thumbs up from me.




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2 05 2011

My mother suggested to me “The Last of the Airbenders” and I tried to explain to her that she should watch “Percy Jackson”.

I did like this movie quite a bit. But then again I did like the first of the Harry Potter movies and the rest have been questionable. Thanks for the review!

2 05 2011

To me, the character of Percy Jackson is definitely more likable than Harry Potter, he actually goes out and does stuff instead of just stand around.

10 07 2011

I was pretty disappointed in this film. Most of the acting was corny. Although I liked Brandon T. Jackson in Tropic Thunder, his character was the worst one in Percy Jackson. But you’re right about one thing…at least Percy Jackson actually tries to become a good fighter/demigod. I’m a fan of the Potter series but the kid barely squeaks by. At times he almost reminds me of Inspector Gadget and it’s infuriating. Great review!

10 07 2011


I think the cast of Percy Jackson is actually quite good, definitely better than the cast of Twilight… but yet Twilight has ten sequels and Percy Jackson still has none!

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