Clash of the Titans – Original vs Remake

6 09 2010

“Release the Kraken!”

Clash of the Titans was (and still is) a much beloved film from the 80s that tells the tale of a man named Perseus and his quest to save mankind. Based on Greek Mythology, this film was recognized for its skillful use of stop-motion to animate its many monsters. In the 2010 remake of Clash of the Titans, we see creatures like the giant Scorpions, Medusa and the Kraken brought to the big screen using Computer Generated Images (CGI). Both the original and new versions of these creatures have their own merits, but I doubt any amount of CGI can make these creatures look absolutely life-like because they are not real in the first place.

In the remake, Perseus (played by Sam “Avatar” Worthington) falls in love with a lady named Io (Gemma Arterton). She would appear from time to time to guide Perseus on his quest and provide some romantic scenarios that can only be described as awkward. In the original movie, Perseus had his eyes on the girl who would eventually be tied up to be fed to the Kraken, and that was the main reason why Perseus was so determined to kill the Kraken in the first place. If you ask me, I would say the original “rescue the princess” story is far more engaging than the remake’s “rebel against God and all his pets”.

Zeus in the remake is more interesting to me than he was in the original. In the remake, there is an embarrassing shot of Zeus just after he impregnates a woman. But other than that, there isn’t really much to complain about this character. He may have had his lightning bolt stolen in another film Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, but he is really a caring god that wants the best for his son Perseus. A sparkling Liam Neeson adds a little more credibility to the remake, and he dishes out the catchphrase “Release the Kraken!” with full seriousness. Also look out for Ralph Fiennes (aka Voldemort from the Harry Potter films) as Hades, the arch rival of Zeus and mastermind of all evil.

I slightly prefer the original Medusa because she (it?) is creepy and scary. She does not feel so much like a woman but more of a monster. On the flip side, I also like the new Medusa because she is more of a woman. The transformation of her face when she “kills” someone is very cool. I also liked how she was chasing the men all over her house. I cannot remember if it was mentioned in the original movie, but the remake had some interesting background of Medusa, including how her life got destroyed by certain godly events.

If you enjoyed the Alien vs. Predator films (you know who you are), then you will most likely get a kick out of Clash of the Titans. Both original and remake has an abundance of a) humans running away from monsters, or b) the other way round. Now if only someone would make a “special edition” of the original film like they did with Star Wars. (Hmm… maybe not.)






6 responses

6 09 2010

I guess nothing beats the original.

8 09 2010

Yep! And the Owl deserves more than a cameo in the remake.

30 09 2010
cmc in black

i watched this movie when i was doing my FYP, and i’d say that it’s good to kill time

30 09 2010

Your FYP must be very boring.

5 11 2011

nice review man! 🙂

5 11 2011


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