Alice in Wonderland – Movie Review

6 09 2010

This is 2010’s “re-imagining” of Alice in Wonderland, brought to you by director Tim Burton (Batman, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). If you have seen more than one Burton movie before, then you know what you are in for. Eccentric characters, strange places and most of it you probably will not bother to understand.

Everything that happens outside Wonderland is not interesting in the least. While Alice is dealing with family problems, you are just waiting for her to go to Wonderland. Even after she drops into the rabbit hole, you still have to endure an extremely boring scene of her figuring out how to fit into a tiny door. I admit I was impressed with Wonderland’s look when it was (finally!) revealed. For a moment, I even thought it looked better than Pandora. But as the movie progresses, you realize it takes more than just CGI special effects to build a good movie.

Marketing for Alice in Wonderland was centered on the Mad Hatter, played by Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp fanatics will most likely enjoy this character, who is basically Jack Sparrow’s soul in Willy Wonka’s body. I was not impressed, perhaps even bored at times. Although it was probably not the actor’s fault because I am assuming the script given to him was sub-par in the first place. The Mad Hatter could have used a more meaningful storyline rather than just show up and recite lines that nobody understood.

The Mad Hatter interacts with a group of minor characters (mostly animals) that are only mildly entertaining. A huge amount of work has gone into animating the characters, even some of the humans have digitally modified body parts, but all that is ultimately meaningless against the boring storyline. The purple worm was a tad more important to the story than the others, but it did not appear much and was forgettable for the most part.

Anne Hathaway plays the White Queen, who was sadly the only interesting character I could find. The backstory of her dethronement and her rivalry with the Red Queen was more interesting than the rest of the film. She eventually leads Alice into battle against the Red Queen’s army of walking cards. If you were expecting an epic Lord of the Rings war, you will be disappointed. The film went for something of a much smaller scale, and I was puzzled as to why the filmmakers did not go all out with the final battle since it was all computer generated anyway.




13 responses

7 09 2010

I ❤ alice in wonderland!

8 09 2010

I ❤ alice in wonderland too!!!

But this movie is NOT alice in wonderland… 😦 If they named it something else like "Jack Sparrow Begins" maybe I would have liked it better.

12 09 2010
Melissa Addison Chan

Eh I SO AGREE WITH YOU ON THIS REVIEW! I was greatly disappointed after watching it =/ I watched it only because of Johnny Depp though… but still, the movie had little substance beneath all the animation works. sigh. ah well, at least the music is not too bad. 😀 and is that MELODY?! OMGAO HI MELODY!! haha. okay…

13 09 2010

Oh hi MAC,

Someone agrees with my review? Wow! First time!

There was music? :/

23 09 2010

HI:D it’s really me hahaha

24 09 2010

It’s a big meet up going on here

13 09 2010
Melissa Addison Chan

-.- UH YEA? Alice’s Theme by Danny Elfman!! From the OST. and NICE i never realised Melissa Addison Chan can be reduced to MAC! awesome (Y)!

13 09 2010

Hmm… Danny Elfman? Really?! I did not know that…

He did the music for the Batmans and Spider-Mans right… His music saved Spider-Man 3 from total failure too :/

16 09 2010
Melissa Addison Chan

yah he did many great songs. and yeah, go check out the song! Eh! but right not im like addicted to inception’s soundtrack. by hans zimmer ( the one who did the songs for POTC) yeah. worth a listen. Speaking of which, I have yet to watch that movie! OMGAO =_=

16 09 2010

Watch what? Inception? Neither have I OMGAO!!!

30 09 2010
cmc in black

i ‘ve watched it for 5 minute so far

30 09 2010


5 minutes ah… that means she hasnt gone into Wonderland yet :/

1 10 2010
cmc in black

it was 5 mins from episode 2

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