Red Rampage – Still Sealed!

7 03 2010

Still sealed.

This was the Decepticon that fought Bumblebee in the desert in “Revenge of the Fallen”. He was originally supposed to be a yellow coloured character, but his colour got changed at the last minute. I’m assuming the change was to help differentiate between him and Bumblebee (who also happens to be yellow). Good decision… but the toy was already made in yellow. So for a long time, Transformers collectors had a movie-UNaccurate version of Rampage. Now here comes the “Red Rampage” as fans are calling it, and I grabbed it on first sight.




3 responses

19 04 2010

u look like a stuff in nyp

hw much u get this garbage?

22 04 2010

Yes I am from NYP. And I bought it for around 30 dollars I believe.

22 04 2010

Ya I remeber u as u alwyas find me in my lab.

Can don’t find me on the other day ^_^

gone with the wind mr.Anderson .

I think u can get this trash for 50 cents

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